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Stud terms
and contidions


All breeders inseminating their mares with semen from the stallions at Gestüt Schafhof’s EU-approved semen collection centre (D-KBP-162-EWG) accept the following terms and conditions as applicable to all existing and future business relationships. The breeding season starts on 1st January 2019 and ends on 31st July 2019.

Shipping of semen:

According to the legal requirements it is only allowed to provide semen to breeders, for the insemination of their own mares, and to other breeding stations. Furthermore the semen can be shipped to the address of a veterinarian, named by the owner of the mare. This semen has to be used exclusively for the insemination of the breeder’s mare.

The following data is needed for semen orders:

-       stallion’s name
-       breeder’s name and complete address
-       address for shipment (if deviant from breeder’s address)
-       mare's details (name, UELN, copy of breeding, age, breeder certificate) àthe supplied semen may only be used to inseminate the mare specified in the order)
-       your breeding association membership number
-       name of veterinarian/insemination assistant/user of the semen

Please place your order by telephone, fax, mail or using the semen order form on the internet (www.gestuet-schafhof.com) by 10 am at the latest!

We deliver three portions of semen, per oestrus cycle, at the most (additional portions may be available after agreement with the breeder).

Please send us your breeder's certificates after the first semen order, by the latest. They will only be filled in and forwarded to the breeder and the breeding association after payment of the stud fee.

The stud fee is payable prior to the first insemination. The stud fee for the stallions that are available via fresh semen, is calculated in the form of stud fee splitting (except Foundation and Totilas). 300€ will be charged with the first order and the rest of the stud fee will be charged upon the mare's pregnancy after sending the final bill.

The semen shipping costs should be borne by the breeder and may be asked for in advance. For national shipping a fee of 30€ on workdays and 90€ on Saturdays applies. No delivery is possible on Sundays and bank holidays, however collection of the semen can be arranged after agreement. A daily express is possible by means of a rail courier (time matters), after an order at the latest by 9 am. This includes billing by distance (per km) and will be charged to the breeder.

If semen are sent abroad, there will be additional costs for the necessary health papers over 30 €/shipping.

Should a stallion become unavailable at short notice during the breeding season for any particular reason (competition, sickness etc.), we will offer you frozen semen, if possible, or an alternative stallion of your choice. If the stud fee of the newly chosen stallion is higher, the difference has to be paid by the breeder in advance as well as the costs for shipping. In case of a cheaper stud fee we will issue a voucher for the difference, to be used for stud fees in the upcoming year. Stud fees are non-reimbursable. In case of death, sickness or infertility of the stallion no financial compensation is granted. You will however receive a voucher with the amount of the stud fee to be used for a different stallion of the breeding station. 

From 01st of April 2019, foreign mares can be accommodated at our station. The vaccinations against influenza, tetanus and herpes are obligatory when accommodating the mares on our breeding station.

Please remember that all mares must have a cervical swab (not older than six weeks) in advance, except for 3 year-old maiden mares and fillies.

For mares who are not covered by the stud fee splitting scheme and who have not accepted or reabsorbed, we will charge the breeder 50% of the paid stud fee in the following year. This is subject to veterinarian confirmation, of the mare not being in foal, being provided by 1st December. Without this confirmation we are not able to issue a credit note.

If a breeder uses one or more of our stallions for more than one mare, we grant a discount of € 100 for the second mare and a discount of € 150 from the third mare on. Main premium mares (formerly St.Pr.St.) receive a general discount of 10%. A right to disbursement of discounts does not exist.

Mares which are inseminated for the first time after 1 July and do not conceive will be fully exempted from the stud fee, for a stallion in the same stud fee category, in the following year. Please remember that, in this case, veterinary confirmation of the mare not being in foal must also be provided by 1st December.

Embryo transfer (ET)

Prior to the first insemination the breeder has to inform us if he is using ET. The ET has to be documented by the veterinarian and a copy of this has to be sent to our stud directly. After a successful ET a veterinarian confirmation over the donor-mare not being in foal must be handed in. In case of a new insemination of the donor-mare after the ET another stud fee applies.

In case of not conceiving or resorption terms and conditions regarding the not being in foal of a mare apply.

These terms and conditions exclusively addressed to the breeders. Contracting partner is the Gestüt Schafhof. Contracts for semen orders are subject to German law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Königstein/Ts., Germany.


Our banking details are as followed:

Account holder: Gestüt Schafhof
Bankhaus Lampe
IBAN: DE54 4802 0151 0060 4194 19


Please always provide the name of the breeder and the name of the chosen stallion with your transfer.

Thank you for chosing Gestüt Schafhof!

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